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History Press will be publishing my book, Slave Labor in the Capital: Building Washington's Iconic Federal Landmarks, on November 18, 2014. The retail price will be $19.99 and the e-book price should be less. History Press, Barnes and Noble and Amazon all currently have a pre-publication discount. Use the coupon code HP10 for your History Press order. You can get more information about the book at my new blog about it, Capital Slaves . Going over all my notes and the documents I've collected for the fourth time in 25 years has sharpened my thinking on the use of slaves in early Washington. I hope you buy and enjoy the book.

For several years I shared nature journal blogs that I updated weekly. Now I am sharing observations and thoughts on a new blogBob's Calendar of Beasts, Flowers, Ponds and the River. My current post is on tracking fishers in the winter.

And here are links to my nature journal blogs where I will still add older entries which is when I saw a lot more beaver and otter activity. For the summer months, July, August and September go to Bob's Summer Journal

For the fall months, October, November and December go to Bob's Fall Journal

For the winter months, January, February and March go to Bob's Winter Journal

And for the spring months, April, May and June go to Bob's Spring Journal

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